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About Anson County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina and County Jail

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The Sheriff's office in Anson County was established according to the North Carolina State Laws. Ideally, the Sheriff is a county's elected representative in charge of maintaining order and upholding state, county, and municipal law within Anson County. The Sheriff is held responsible by the Anson County residents.

In this county, the Sheriff's department is located at 119 N Washington St Wadesboro, North Carolina, 28170, USA. This office is the county's top law enforcement agency and is currently run by Sheriff Landric Reid and his deputies.

Deputies must satisfy the minimal requirements set out by the NC Sheriffs' Training and Standards Commission, which include passing a test the state gives and completing a 16-week basic training program. In addition, they are sworn in when the Sheriff enters power or is re-elected. They serve under the supervision and command of the current Sheriff.
The county's law enforcement division, consisting of deputies and administrative assistants, is under the control of the Sheriff. County sheriffs primarily uphold the law in unincorporated portions of a county, but they may also serve as the local police force for towns without their own police force.

Duties And Responsibilities of the ACSO

To accomplish the office's mission, which is to act as the state's voice for protecting, promoting, preserving, and enhancing the office via legislative measures that improve public safety and uphold people's rights, ACSO has a lot of tasks put in place by the NC state laws. Through collaboration with the Sheriff, Detectives, FBI, Secret Service, Alcohol Law Enforcement, Clerk of Court, District Court Judge, and Probation and Parole, the office offers the following services:

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is the primary role that the ACSO must play. The Sheriff always has the right to make arrests inside the county. ACSO also carries out standard patrol tasks, including traffic control, accident investigations, and prisoner transportation. Larger departments may carry out criminal investigations and other specialized law enforcement tasks. An air patrol (including fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters), a mounted patrol, or a sea patrol may be available to certain very big Sheriffs' offices.

To fight crime, the Sheriff solicits the assistance of the surrounding communities. The National Sheriffs' Association's National Neighborhood Watch Program enables residents and law enforcement to work together to keep neighborhoods safe.

Court Duties 

ACSO is in charge of preserving the court's safety and security. In addition to serving court papers like subpoenas, summonses, warrants, writs, or civil process, the office may be required to:

  • Attend all court proceedings.
  • Serve as bailiff.
  • Supervise juries whenever they are outside the courtroom.
  • Extradite prisoners.
  • Enforce money judgments, for instance, those involving the garnishment or sale of a property.
  • Collect taxes, or carry out other court-related duties.

Administration Of Prisons

ASCO manages and runs the Anson County jail, other county detention institutions, detoxification facilities, and community correctional facilities, including halfway homes and work-release group homes. ACSO also ensures that the rights of the inmates are preserved. It also ensures that the inmates are well rehabilitated before their release dates. In addition, it gives prisoners access to medical care, food, clothes, exercise, and entertainment.

Other Responsibilities: 

  • Offering permits and licenses: Gun permits, Hunting and fishing permits, and Business permits.
  • Providing criminal records.
  • Registering and monitoring sex offenders in the county. This includes those visiting the county for social, business, or official duties.
  • Fingerprinting.
  • Hiring, training, and firing workers in the ACSO and the county detention facilities.


How To Contact ACSO- North Carolina

For any additional information, you can reach the office in various ways. You can visit ACSO's official website and leave a comment there. In addition, you can also call the office by Telephone: (704) 694-4188 or Fax: (704) 694-9156. On the other hand, you can visit the office's headquarters at 119 N Washington St Wadesboro, North Carolina, 28170, USA.

Anson County Jail 

The Anson County Jail, the largest prison facility in the county, is located in the Anson County Sheriff's department at 119 N Washington St Wadesboro, North Carolina, 28170, USA. Initially, the jail was introduced in 1912. However, the old prison was demolished and replaced with the new one in 1984.

The jail administrator at the moment is Major Freddie Paxton. All of the Detention Officer Employees are under the supervision of Cpt. Paxton also ensures that the jail's daily operations are appropriately managed and provides the Sheriff with reports as needed.

The NCDPS, US Marshal, Wadesboro Police Department, and local law enforcement agencies can utilize the jail to house inmates. The NCDPS also uses the facility as a detention facility for probation and parole inmates who break the terms of their probation or parole.

Jail Administrator

Captain Freddie Paxton
Business Phone: (704) 694-9328

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Anson County Sheriff's Office & Jail

119 N. Washington Street, Wadesboro, North Carolina 28170
Emergencies 911|Non-Emergencies (704) 694-4188|Crime Stoppers (704) 695-3111

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